The Interfaith Amigos


Pastor Don moved from Seattle to Minneapolis in 2013, so for many local programs Pastor Dave Brown, recently retired pastor of Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Tacoma, stands in for Don and becomes their Pacific Northwest Interfaith Amigo.

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The Pacific Northwest Interfaith Amigos

Imam Jamal Rahman   Pastor Dave Brown   Rabbi Ted Falcon

About Pastor Dave

Pastor Dave Brown retired from Immanuel Presbyterian Church, a growing progressive community where he had served since 2005, in 2018. He is the innovator of award-winning Blues Vespers, a Blues concert with poetry and reflection. While at Immanuel, he led four spiritual pilgrimages to the Island of Iona, Scotland, as well as organizing four Habitat builds in Guatemala. A graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, Pastor Dave has served congregations in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Federal Way, Washington. He also worked as staff for the National Council of Churches Committee on Public Education and Literacy, and the Comprehensive Health Education Foundations‘ Partnership Project.

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Worship and Workshop at Unity of South Sound
Sunday, August 11
710 S Anderson Street, Tacoma

10 AM Sunday Worship Service

Has the Golden Rule Really Failed?

The world we live in seems to reflect our straying from the core teachings of our Abrahamic Faiths. How are we to understand this, and what are we to do?

12:30 - 2 PM Workshop

Transcending Boundaries: Practical Ways to Connect with Others

Interfaith Dialogue is an avenue to greater understanding, cooperation, and collaboration on urgent social issues of our communities and our country. But Interfaith Dialogue is often challenging because of the exclusivities of different beliefs, institutions, communities, and narratives.

Imam Jamal Rahman, Rabbi Ted Falcon and Pastor Dave Brown — the Pacific Northwest Interfaith Amigos — present an experiential journey into moving beyond polarization.

Everyone is welcome for this engaging and inclusive interfaith experience. 
You are welcome to attend one or both events.