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Imam Jamal Rahman, Pastor Don Mackenzie and Rabbi Ted Falcon — the Interfaith Amigos — started working together after 9/11. Since then, they have brought their unique blend of spiritual wisdom and humor to audiences all over the U.S., as well as Canada, Israel-Palestine, and Japan.

The Interfaith Amigos present a crucial message in their unique humorous style, helping participants appreciate the promise and the problems of the interfaith experience.

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Last Fridays Summer Speakers Series

7 PM on the last Fridays of July & August, Unity in Lynwood

$75 Series Ticket includes meet & greet receptions and book signings.
Group tickets now available! Call for details.

July 28: Arun Gandhi

Arun Gandhi received daily, one-hour, one-to-one education sessions with his grandfather, Mahatma Mohandas K. Gandhi, for nearly eighteen months irrespective of the Mahatmas very full schedule.  The lessons learnt still guide Arun’s life and his activism in his role as Peace Farmer, planting seeds for personal and global transformation.

August 25: The Interfaith Amigos

Pastor Don Mackenzie is traveling back to Seattle to be part of this special evening with Imam Jamal Rahman and Rabbi Ted Falcon. They will be offering a presentation entitled Interfaith Dialogue for Challenging Times, in which they will share some of the promises as well as the problems related to developing an interfaith dialogue that can support collaborative action in our world.  

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