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Imam Jamal Rahman, Pastor Don Mackenzie and Rabbi Ted Falcon — the Interfaith Amigos — started working together after 9/11. Since then, they have brought their unique blend of spiritual wisdom and humor to audiences all over the U.S., as well as Canada, Israel-Palestine, and Japan.

The Interfaith Amigos present a crucial message in their unique humorous style, helping participants appreciate the promise and the problems of the interfaith experience.

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Interfaith Dialogue for Challenging Times

  1. October 17 & 18, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois

  2. November 10, Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio

  3. November 11, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

  4. November 12, Muskingum University, New Concord, Ohio

The Interfaith Amigos share some of the promises as well as the problems related to developing an interfaith dialogue that can support collaborative action in our world. With warmth, humor, and wisdom, these three teachers guide an interfaith process that opens their audiences to spiritual treasures which support healing and wholeness.

The Interfaith Amigos

Imam Jamal, Pastor Don, Rabbi Ted

Finding Peace Through Spiritual Practice

Four-week online course starts October 23!
Details & free preview here

Drawing from the wisdom of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the Interfaith Amigos teach specific spiritual practices designed to cultivate the kind of inner peace that will sustain you as you work for peace locally, globally, and interpersonally.

Each Amigo leads a week-long module that includes written materials, reading and writing opportunities, a 20-minute video teaching, and three spiritual practice tutorials led by all three Amigos every week. During the fourth week of the course, the Interfaith Amigos teach together in their signature inter-spiritual style. 

Because this course was so highly regarded when it was first offered last spring, Sacred U is making it available again. The four weekly interactive teleconferences will be live. 


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